JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance
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JuanLife Rider

Php 600.00





Accidental Death

Php 250,000

Permanent Disablement

Maximum of Php 250,000

Medical Reimbursement
(including animal bites)

Maximum of Php 12,500

Burial Assistance

Php 5,000

Unprovoked Murder and/or Assault

Maximum of Php 100,000



1. Insured shall be the registered applicant for Juan Life Personal Accident Insurance.

2. Insured should be Filipino citizens ages 18 to 60 years old; renewable up to 65 years old.

3. Each Insured can avail of multiple JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance policies amounting to a maximum total combined coverage of P1,000,000 for themselves every year.

4. The JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance is valid for one (1) year from date of activation.

5. Juan Life shall only be valid once activated via SMS, Facebook Messenger or via the JuanLife website.

6. Beneficiary must be the LEGAL heirs of the insured.

  • For insured who are married, beneficiary shall be the legal spouse or the children.
  • For insured who are single, beneficiaries shall be the parents or siblings.

7. For accidental death, the beneficiaries shall receive the maximum coverage of this policy.

8. For injuries or permanent disablement caused by accidents, the insured shall receive 50% up to 100% coverage depending on the extent of injury. Please refer to the Inclusions Table for details.

9. The Medical Reimbursement benefit covers medical expenses with supporting receipts related to accidents covered under the Juan Life Personal Accident Policy. It also covers medical expenses incurred from animal bites. This benefit can only be claimed once during the year of coverage.

10. The Insured shall also receive burial assistance for accidental death on top of the accidental death coverage.

11. The Insured is covered for disability or loss of life due to unprovoked murder and/or assault arising from robbery, hold-up assault, and other unlawful offence done. Unprovoked means that the Insured should not have done any action or issued words to encourage any harm done to themselves by the assailant.

12. The benefit of the insured who are engaged in hazardous occupation shall be reduced to 10% should the accident happen during the time or performance of their job or duty as such.

13. Accidents that happened in other countries are covered.

14. In cases of multiple claims, the maximum amount shall be the coverage for accidental death, plus the burial assistance benefit.

15. LEGAL names of the insured and her beneficiaries, as well as other data submitted MUST be accurate for the insurance to be valid.

16. This insurance shall be considered null and void if the accident or the unprovoked murder and/or assault occurred while the insured is participating in any criminal act or related offence.


1. All military and police personnel and officers

2. Barangay officials/tanod

3. Professional entertainers & athletes

4. Duties involving heavy manual work

5. Acrobats, asylum, attendants, automobile racing drivers, aviator, boilerman, butchers, caddies, carpenters, construction workers, customs personnel, detectives, divers, electricians, explosive makers, farmer, fireman, fisherman, handlers or custodians, mason, miners, outdoor painter, professional referee, racehorse trainer, jockey, sailor, secret service personnel, security guard, ship’s crew, steeplejacks, stevedore, traffic aide, underground workers, welder, woodcarver, tinsmith, auto mechanic, window cleaners & woodworking machinists





Accidental Death This policy covers death caused by or happening through the following:
  • Accident (subject to the list exclusions).
  • Death caused by acts of nature such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, tidal wave.
  • Death caused by motorcycling accident.
This policy does not cover the following:

1. Death or disablement caused by or that happened through:

  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, mutiny, military or usurped power, riots, strike, military or popular uprising.
  • Suicide or attempted suicide,
  • Insured is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

2. Death or disablement that occurred while the insured is travelling in an aircraft that is not licensed for passenger service and is not operated by a commercial airline.

3. Death or disablement as a result of the insured engaging in risky activities: racing of all kinds, mountaineering, football, polo, hockey, winter sports, or yachting.

4. Death or disablement due to murder and assault.

5. People who have the following pre-existing medical conditions: Total Blindness, Total Deafness, Skull or Spinal Injuries, Infirmities and Diseases of the Brain, Heart, Liver, Lungs or Chest if the Lungs are affected, Chronic Diseases.

Permanent Disablement 100% Coverage for:
  • Loss of two limbs
  • Loss of both hands
  • Loss of all fingers and both thumbs
  • Total loss of sight of both eyes
  • Injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden
  • Any other injury causing permanent total dismemberment

70% Coverage for:
  • Loss of arm at or above elbow

60% Coverage for:
  • Loss of arm between elbow and wrist
  • Loss of leg at or above knee

50% Coverage for:
  • Loss of hand
  • Loss of one foot
  • Loss of sight on one eye
  • Loss of hearing of both ears
Medical Reimbursement(5% of coverage) Injuries resulting from an accident that are not covered above.


1. Agile Insurance Agency and Business Technologies shall be facilitating your Claims.

2. After the accident, notify Agile via phone, email or website immediately.

  • JuanLife Hotline: 8584-7598
  • Email: Claims@JuanLife.com.ph

3. Agile shall respond to confirm your notification within 3 working days.

4. Submit the following requirements to Agile.



Permanent Disablement

Medical Reimbursement

1. Certified true copy of the insured’s Death Certificate

2. Police Report or Affidavit stating facts of the accident

3. Photocopy of the claimant’s valid ID

4. Medical Certificate

1. Incident Report

2. Medical Report

3. Pictures of insured’s injury

4. Photocopy of the claimant’s valid ID

1. Incident Report

2. Medical Report

3. Original Receipts or medical expenses

4. Photocopy of the claimant’s valid ID.


5. Benefit shall be released within ten (10) working days upon receipt of ALL required and valid documents from the claimant.

6. In cases of claims other than Death, benefit shall be payable to the Insured.

7. This policy shall become null and void if the insured or his beneficiary/ies shall make any claim through fraudulent means or devices to obtain any benefit of this policy.